The Future Of Money w/ Jim Rickards, Danielle DiMartino Booth, John Najarian & Russ Gray


Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a panel on The Future Of Money at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

It had an absolute killer line-up: Jim RickardsDanielle DiMartino BoothJon Najarian and Russell Gray.

As expected, the degree of financial expertise and Gigawatt-level idea exchange that ensued was off-the-charts amazing.

We covered the spectrum: inflation/deflation, future central bank policy, cryptos & CBDCs, and recommendations for protecting the purchasing power of our wealth.

So I begged Brien Lundin and his team, the folks who produce the conference, to allow me to share a replay of the panel with you, the Wealthion audience. And they kindly gave permission.

I hope you enjoy watching this panel discussion I much I did moderating it. It was a real treat.

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