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About Wealthion

The new era of higher inflation & interest rates plus $trillions in annual deficits has changed the rules of investing.

Those unaware of this, who don’t understand the implications and who aren’t re-positioning prudently now, are at unacceptable risk of remaining trapped in financial insecurity for the rest of their lives. But those who take time to learn the dynamics in play and act accordingly now will enjoy superior odds of not just attaining security, but financial abundance as well.

It’s now harder than ever for the average household to get ahead. The cost of living increases much faster than most folks’ wages. Banks offer no yield on your life’s savings. The pandemic has made the job market a lot more precarious, as has the accelerating trend towards automation and outsourcing. Even taxes look to be headed higher with the new Administration.

The only option many see is to put their money into the financial markets and hope the strong gains of recent years will continue. But will they?

To those paying attention, stocks and bonds are more overvalued today than they ever have been by a staggering number of metrics. How should you invest your money in an environment where history suggests a market this badly distorted can suddenly crash by over 50%?

Most people find themselves on their own in trying to answer this critically-important question. And it sure doesn’t help that our education system doesn’t teach us financial literacy – so most can do little better than grasping in the dark, just doing the best they can.

At Wealthion, our perspective is that you must come up with the best answer you can. If you don’t, fate will decide for you and you may not like its terms.

We conclude that your financial destiny will be determined most by these two factors:

  1. How well-educated you become about the true nature of today’s investing environment
  2. The quality of the team of professional financial advisors you rely on

Obviously, if you don’t learn the new rules of wealth-building how can you expect to win the game? But even developing a good understanding isn’t enough by itself. You need to use it to create an investing plan optimized to your personal situation, needs and goals.

This is why we created Wealthion. To bring you the insights of the world’s top money experts and then connect you with like-minded, independent, trustworthy professional financials who will create and manage an investment plan custom-tailored to you.

We believe the combination of expert insight and informed action gives the best odds of successfully achieving financial prosperity.
And despite all the caveats about today’s investing environment – claimed the ‘most treacherous in living history’ – we believe there is tremendous opportunity ahead for numerous asset classes to perform exceptionally well, when paired with prudent measures to reduce risk.

Our brain trust of experts calculate high probability of the following secular trends:

  • A return of rising inflation
  • Substantial government infrastructure spending (especially in green energy)
  • Increased demand for/scarcity of many commodities
  • Higher oil prices
  • Continued central bank devaluation of fiat currencies
  • Higher volatility
  • Outperformance of domestic economies by emerging markets
  • Blockchain integration into all aspects of commerce

Each of these offers a myriad of attractive opportunities to participate in the substantial upside created by these macro trends. But which ones are best-suited to you, given your personal aspirations and risk tolerance? When is the right time to make these investments? And how much of your portfolio should you be allocating to each?

That’s where Wealthion’s network of hand-picked independent financial advisors comes in.

Let’s be honest, the typical stockbroker doesn’t really know that much about investing – his main focus is collecting new clients. He’ll take your money, stuff it in whatever index fund makes him the biggest fee and tell you not to worry. “The stock market will take care of you in the long run”, he’ll say as he hangs up and dials the next prospect.

In stark contrast, Wealthion-endorsed advisors are intimately familiar with the forces shaping today’s investing landscape and spend their time tracking the daily dynamics from their desks — not the country club.

They synthesize the collective wisdom of the top experts in Wealthion’s network and create an investing strategy from that, which they then fine-tune as needed when applying to each of their clients’ accounts. In short, they spend ALL their time focused on where the puck is headed, and how to position your wealth to benefit most when it gets there.

And, very important, all Wealthion advisors employ hedges to reduce downside risk in the event that the market acts unpredictably. While always looking for prudent ways to grow your wealth, their top priority is minimizing any losses.

So, unless you’re confident you have better access to better information than they do, that you have the expertise to put together a better investing plan, and then have the time to put it into action AND monitor it daily for years to come, take advantage of the free resources Wealthion makes available to you.

Watch our weekly interviews with the money experts in our brain trust.

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It’s completely free and asks zero commitments from you. It’s exactly what it seems — a no-strings-attached opportunity for you to have a highly-qualified professional review your personal financial situation and share their advice on how you can best hit your goals.

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Put these insights into action.

This is why we created Wealthion. To bring you the insights of the world’s top money experts and then connect you with like-minded, independent, trustworthy professional financials who will create and manage an investment plan custom-tailored to you.

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