Don’t Be A Deer In The Headlights In 2022: Take Smart Steps Now To Strengthen Your Wealth Prospects


Sending a quick but meaningful message today, folks.

2022 is now here.

And for the reasons summarized in this recent highlight reel by many of the smartest minds in investing, it has uncomfortable potential to be a destabilizing year for the financial markets.

So as someone who’s been around long enough to witness too many investors lose too much of their wealth unnecessarily, I recorded this brief grounding message for you.

And while you’re making your list

of new year’s resolutions, be sure it includes starting the year from a position of strength. Review your financial situation & make it stronger.

Most important, take smart steps now to minimize your risk of being caught like a deer in the headlights by whatever money shocks 2022 may throw our way.

Watch this short video. Then take appropriate action to put the worry behind you. After all, we’ve got a whole new year ahead of us to build wealth in, if we can manage to navigate it smartly.

The Future Of Money w/ Jim Rickards, Danielle DiMartino Booth, John Najarian & Russ Gray


Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a panel on The Future Of Money at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

It had an absolute killer line-up: Jim RickardsDanielle DiMartino BoothJon Najarian and Russell Gray.

As expected, the degree of financial expertise and Gigawatt-level idea exchange that ensued was off-the-charts amazing.

We covered the spectrum: inflation/deflation, future central bank policy, cryptos & CBDCs, and recommendations for protecting the purchasing power of our wealth.

So I begged Brien Lundin and his team, the folks who

produce the conference, to allow me to share a replay of the panel with you, the Wealthion audience. And they kindly gave permission.

I hope you enjoy watching this panel discussion I much I did moderating it. It was a real treat.

Inflation To Hit 9% THIS YEAR?: Steve Hanke


Currency expert and highly respected John Hopkins economist Dr Steve Hanke warns that inflation will continue to rise aggressively through the rest of 2021, so high that it will eventually cause corporate profit margins to fall and thus trigger a painful market correction.

The current fiat incarnation of the US dollar just turned 50 this week.

A week where America just retreated in ignominy from its longest war ever, the two decade invasion of Afghanistan. If

the fiat US dollar is largely backed by the might of America’s military machine, will the failure to suppress the Taliban after 20 years of attempt, weaken the world’s confidence in the dollar?

Inflation is rising fast and further currency devaluation by the further $trillions of stimulus being considered by world legislatures looks assured.

“Don’t worry about the recent & substantial spike higher inflation”, we’re being told.
“It’s only ‘temporary'”, they’re telling us.

Respected economist Dr Steve Hanke disagrees. He warns that inflation may keep rising — all the way up to 9% this year.

And as it does, he sees it strangling economic growth and dragging stock prices down — undoing much of the recovery seen over the past year.

Steve Hanke is professor of applied economics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He advises many heads of State throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East, and was a senior economist on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisors back in the 1980s.

The interview then continues in Part 2, where Steve provides his preferred investments and recommended portfolio strategy for the future he sees coming, as well as his outlook on hard assets, gold & cryptocurrency.