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What If The Fed Fails To Tame Inflation? Fed-Watcher Axel Merk Is Skeptical It Will

With inflation now at a 40 year high, all eyes are on the Federal Reserve. Will they be able to tame today’s hot inflation with higher interest rates? And whether...

When Will Energy Prices Come Down? Maybe Never Warns Industry Expert | Art Berman

We’ve all seen energy prices skyrocket over the past year — for the oil & natural gas that heat our homes, the electricity we use, and the gasoline we put...

What To Buy With Higher Interest Rates Ahead? – Weekly Market Recap: Jan 14, 2022

Given the overwhelmingly positive reception to last week’s pilot episode of our new Weekly Market Recap show, it’s now official: This new format will be a regular Wealthion program, airing...

The Best Investments That Protect Against Inflation Are ON SALE Right Now | Jesse Felder

Macro analyst Jesse Felder is concerned about persisting inflation in the years ahead, yet mystified that the assets he thinks are the best investments that protect against inflation are dirt...

Jesse Felder: The Fed Wants A Market Correction (But Risks Creating A Crash Instead)

By tapering and then raising interest rates, is it possible the Federal Reserve is intentionally trying to cause a market correction? Macro analyst Jesse Felder thinks so, as it needs...

7% Inflation + Rising Interest Rates = Tough Times Ahead For US Households

The December Consumer Price Index (CPI) data was just released and it shows a 7% annual inflation rate. That’s the highest inflation in 40 years. Households are starting 2022 from...

Are We On The Path To Hyperinflation? | James Turk

With the recent dramatic expansion of world currency supply and high inflation now eating away at the purchasing power of our money, is hyperinflation – true currency destruction – a...

James Turk Bonus Video

Enter your email address to watch James Turk’s response to the bonus question from Adam’s interview with him. If you’d appreciate talking — for free — with a Wealthion-endorsed financial...

Weekly Market Recap: Jan 7, 2022 – Fed Taper/Tightening Fears Driving Selling

Lance Roberts of RIA Advisors joins Adam Taggart to summarize the notable developments in the financial markets over the past week.

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