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A Lot Of Stocks Are Going To $0 | Wolf Richter

The S&P 500 officially entered a “bear market” an hour ago. This is consistent with macro analyst Wolf Richter’s prediction of a hard landing for stocks, bonds and home prices that he shared in Part...

Hard Landing Ahead For “Most Over-stimulated Economy Ever”

Suddenly, talk of an approaching recession is everywhere. While it’s a threat I’ve been warning of for quite a while, voices from the establishment, like Goldman Sachs Chair Lloyd Blankfein, now claim...

Price Controls? Government Trying Hard To Make Things Worse

It’s said there’s no problem so big that the government can’t make it even worse. Beset now by raging inflation and supply shortages, governments around the world are scrambling to bring prices down...

More Market Weakness In Store For 2022 Warns Money Manager Ted Oakley, Oxbow Advisors

Even though both the stocks and bonds have had a dismal start to the year, most investors aren’t panicking yet. Instead, there’s a lot of talk about the bottom being...

Weekly Market Recap: Is This The Bottom? Did The Rally Just Start?

The markets finally got their long-awaited bounce yesterday, after weeks of relentless selling off. So, is the bottom in? Has a relief rally just begun? It’s too early to know...

Gold & Silver To Outshine Stocks & Bonds This Year | Tavi Costa, Crescat Capital

As stocks, bonds, cryptos and nearly every other asset attempt to find a bottom after the past several weeks of painful losses, stung investors are asking: Are there any good...

Commodities Best Assets To Own During The Market’s ‘Great Unwind’ | Tavi Costa, Crescat Capital

Markets are in turmoil as inflation rages, the Fed hikes interest rates and recession looms. So far for 2022: US Government bonds are down over 10% The S&P is down...

Housing Bubble Warning From Federal Reserve Of Dallas

Interest in where the housing market is headed remains red-hot. Our video a few days ago with housing analyst Nicholas Gerli has been one of our most-watched of the year...

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