The Fed Has Broken Consumers & Businesses, Setting The Stage For A Market Panic | Peter Boockvar


Money manager Peter Boockvar returns for Part 2 of our interview with him, where he explains why the crush of higher rates, inflation & cost of capital will eventually result in economic weakness that creates a panic in the markets.

He also shares his thoughts on which assets look most attractive in the markets right now.

Market To Hit New Lows In 2023 As Interest Rates & Inflation Go ‘Higher For Longer’ | Peter Boockvar


As investors enter 2023, all eyes remain on the Fed and how committed it will remain to its hawkish course of hiking rates & tightening its balance sheet.

The latest data shows that the markets doubt the Fed will fulfill its plan to hike the Fed Funds rate to 5%, or higher, and then hold it there for a meaningful number of months.

In short, they expect the Fed to pivot soon.

But today’s guest warns not to underestimate the Fed’s resolve. Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group & Editor of The Boock Report sees rates as

going “higher for longer” than the market is pricing in.

Stephanie Pomboy: Should Deflation Worry Us More Than Inflation?


The world is understandably panicked about inflation right now.

Prices are increasing by double-digit percentages across much of the world.

Which is why the Federal Reserve and many other of the major central banks are hiking interest rates aggressively. 

In fact, just today Fed Chair Jerome Powell warned markets to expect hikes to continue & to give up hope of a policy “pivot”.

But despite all this, could deflation actually be the bigger threat we should be worried about?

Macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy thinks so.

In fact, she expects our

current inflation worries will be a distant memory by the end of 2023 because we’ll be then mired in a disinflationary/deflationary morass.

To learn her reasons why, watch today’s interview with Stephanie Pomboy.