What If The Fed Fails To Tame Inflation? Fed-Watcher Axel Merk Is Skeptical It Will

With inflation now at a 40 year high, all eyes are on the Federal Reserve.

Will they be able to tame today’s hot inflation with higher interest rates?

And whether or not they can, what havoc may those higher interest rates wreak on America’s over-leveraged economy and over-inflated financial asset prices?

To explore these critical questions, Fed-watcher and fund manager Axel Merk returns to the program.

Merk professes to be a skeptic of the Fed’s current

game plan.

He thinks they’ve been doing “too little, too late” for years, and thinks their latest strategy isn’t as bold as the situation demands.

Why not?

The Best Investments That Protect Against Inflation Are ON SALE Right Now | Jesse Felder

Macro analyst Jesse Felder is concerned about persisting inflation in the years ahead, yet mystified that the assets he thinks are the best investments that protect against inflation are dirt cheap right now.

Energy, gold mining stocks and cash flowing commodity producers are trading at highly attractive valuations right now, especially relative to the general market.

7% Inflation + Rising Interest Rates = Tough Times Ahead For US Households

The December Consumer Price Index (CPI) data was just released and it shows a 7% annual inflation rate. That’s the highest inflation in 40 years.

Households are starting 2022 from a precarious position. Their excess savings from the stimulus programs are gone. Cost of living is skyrocketing. And interest rates are heading up — which may trigger a market correction and possibly also a recession.

If the latter two happen, then retirement fund and pension

injuries AND job losses will be added to the mix.

The early indications here at the start of 2022 do indeed suggest that consumer households may well have tougher times ahead…