Danielle DiMartino Booth: The Fed Is Under Fire! Scandal, Succession, Inflation, Taper & CBDC (PT1)

Perhaps no single institution has more impact on the global economy than the US Federal Reserve.

And the $trillions in stimulus it and the other major world central banks have released since the COVID pandemic hit have made the system even more dependent upon its actions.

Which is why our financial markets are understandably obsessed with a single question:

What is the Fed likely to do next?

To help us answer that, former advisor to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Danielle DiMartino Booth,

 returns to the program in this brand-new interview.

And she drops some head-spinning news, including the warning that in all her years of working at and tracking the Fed, she’s never seen such destabilizing political infighting at the top as she does now.

When the world’s most powerful institution is at war with itself, will we all become collateral damage?

Neil Howe: The Entire Power Structure Will Be Shattered During This Unfolding Fourth Turning (PT2)

Here in Part 2, famed researcher and demographer Neil Howe, co-author of the best-selling book The Fourth Turning, explains why the weight of history strongly suggests we are headed into a decade-plus period of economic and social disruption that will transform our political, economic, financial and social systems.

Volatility will reign. Crushing inflation looks likely. We may see a stock market crash and widespead job losses. Perhaps even war.

But as with all preceding fourth turnings

, Howe predicts we’ll come of it ok. Yes, with some bruises; but likely also with some net improvements for society.

Here’s Why Energy Prices & Shortages Are Going Berserk | Art Berman

Energy is suddenly headline news.

Oil, which traded at negative prices for a brief moment last year due to the global economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, is now expected by a number of analysts to hit $100/barrel soon.

Europe is worried about not having enough natural gas to heat its homes this winter.

A petrol shortage in the UK is making it a challenge for folks to fill their cars. And prices

at the pump are back near record highs in the US.

And China and India are so short on coal that major metropolitan power plants are resorting to rolling blackouts to conserve fuel.

Why are so many regions of the world suddenly experiencing these energy crises?

Petroleum geologist & energy analyst Art Berman has a lot of the answers we’re looking for, and I’m so pleased he was able to join us today on such short notice.

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