A Lot Of Stocks Are Going To $0 | Wolf Richter

The S&P 500 officially entered a “bear market” an hour ago.

This is consistent with macro analyst Wolf Richter’s prediction of a hard landing for stocks, bonds and home prices that he shared in Part 1 of our interview with him yesterday.

Here in Part 2, Wolf returns to explain just how “hard” that landing is likely to be.

In this video, we also discuss what to do if you’re one of the many investors feeling caught like a ‘deer in the headlights’ by the losses in the

markets since the start of the year.

Paralysis is not a good wealth protection strategy, so we share a few strategies for getting “unstuck”.

Don’t miss out on watching Part 2 of our interview with Wolf Richter.

Price Controls? Government Trying Hard To Make Things Worse

It’s said there’s no problem so big that the government can’t make it even worse.

Beset now by raging inflation and supply shortages, governments around the world are scrambling to bring prices down and protect their economies.

This is leading to a number of truly bad ideas – like price controls – that have a proven track record of failure every time in history they’ve been tried.

But hey, when times get tough, politicians start making desperate decisions.

So how will things get brought under control?

For answers, we sit down with macro analyst Mike Shedlock, better known as “Mish” across financial media. He shares his outlook on the future for inflation, the markets, housing, crypto & pensions.

He pulls no punches. For the details, watch this just-released interview with Mike “Mish” Shedlock.

More Market Weakness In Store For 2022 Warns Money Manager Ted Oakley, Oxbow Advisors

Even though both the stocks and bonds have had a dismal start to the year, most investors aren’t panicking yet.

Instead, there’s a lot of talk about the bottom being near. And hope that much of the recent losses can be regained.

That kind of optimism isn’t seen in a real bear market, cautions seasoned financial advisor Ted Oakley, Managing Partner & founder of Oxbow Advisors.

In a true bear market – which he sees as likely

to arrive as the year progresses – pessimism rules. It gets to the point where no one thinks stocks can ever go up again. We’re far from that kind of capitulation in sentiment right now.

Ted joins us today to share his outlook on how he sees the investing landscape playing out from here.