Jim Rickards: Crash By Mid-Year Once Recession Is Obvious To All


When unstable systems start to falter, the pace at which they unravel speeds up.

Which is why we’re bringing back James Rickards to the program today, even though he was last on just a few months ago.

Much of what Jim predicted predicted when last on this program: accelerating disinflation, continued trade disruptions, a Fed hell-bent on ‘higher for longer’ in its hawkish interest rate policy — has built momentum since his last appearance.

Given the quickening pace of events, we thought it wise to get an ‘audible’ from Jim on where he thinks things are headed next.

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Tom Lee: Market To Rise 20%+ This Year, Says Wall Street’s Biggest Bull


Raging inflation, spiking interest rates & geopolitical disruption made 2022 a bruising year for stocks & bonds.

All three of those issues remain factors here at the start of 2023

Which is why perhaps it’s little surprise many of the recent experts appearing on this program have urged caution for investors looking at the year ahead.

But a growing number of Wealthion’s viewers are saying: “OK, we understand the reasons for pessimism. But what do the bulls think? Is there an optimistic argument to be made?”

The answer is “yes” and today’s guest expert gives us the opportunity to hear

that side of the story.

Tom Lee, Managing Partner and Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, is often referred to as “the biggest bull on Wall Street”. He forecasts the S&P is poised to rise 20% in 2023.