Here’s Why Energy Prices & Shortages Are Going Berserk | Art Berman

Why are energy prices going berserk?

Energy is suddenly headline news.

Oil, which traded at negative prices for a brief moment last year due to the global economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, is now expected by a number of analysts to hit $100/barrel soon.

Europe is worried about not having enough natural gas to heat its homes this winter.

A petrol shortage in the UK is making it a challenge for folks to fill their cars. And prices at the pump are back near record highs in the US.

And China and India are so short on coal that major metropolitan power plants are resorting to rolling blackouts to conserve fuel.

Why are so many regions of the world suddenly experiencing these energy crises?

Petroleum geologist & energy analyst Art Berman has a lot of the answers we’re looking for, and I’m so pleased he was able to join us today on such short notice.


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