Rick Rule & Doomberg: Invest In Nuclear Energy


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The macro situation is changing by the minute here at this point, and most of it not for the better.

What will the growing weakness in the banking sector result in?

What options does the Fed have at this point to address that weakness while inflation rages & recession looms?

How swiftly will the correction in home prices & auto progress from here?

Will the

market be able to buck the gravitational pull of these issues trying to pull it back into bear market territory?

We’ll be addressing these questions in depth at the conference, plus a whole lot more.

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But before you do, here’s another sneak peek into the high-caliber insights the event will deliver.

After recording Doomberg’s presentation in which he dialed through the prospects for the major energy sectors, we kept the camera running as I asked him some pointed questions about how essential nuclear energy will be to the world’s future energy mix.

His position is emphatic and unflinching and extremely well-argued. Doomberg kindly gave his permission for me to share this bonus conversation with you.


These Top Energy Trends Will Shape 2023 | Doomberg


Today’s guest frequently makes the statement “Energy is Life”. Well, 2022 certainly proved that statement true in spades.

The spokeschicken for the crack team of energy analysts at Doomberg joins us here to provide their latest outlook on the global energy situation — is it more likely to improve or worsen from here?

What are the most important energy trends to pay attention to right now?

How will the energy story impact markets in 2023?

And are there opportunities for today’s investors to take advantage of?


Nuclear Power THE Answer To The Global Energy Crisis? | Justin Huhn Of Uranium Insider


The global energy crisis is suddenly thrusting nuclear power into the spotlight.

Most nations have spent the past decade-plus working on mothballing or exiting their nuclear production facilities in the pursuit of migrating to a more “green” energy infrastructure. Now that strategy is being called into question, as calls for more MORE nuclear energy suddenly mount.

Where is nuclear energy likely to head from here?

Will we see more or less of it over the coming decades?

And do the answers to these questions present opportunities for today’s investor?

To find out, we’re fortunate to speak with Justin Huhn, founder & publisher of Uranium Insider.