Nuclear Power THE Answer To The Global Energy Crisis? | Justin Huhn Of Uranium Insider


The global energy crisis is suddenly thrusting nuclear power into the spotlight.

Most nations have spent the past decade-plus working on mothballing or exiting their nuclear production facilities in the pursuit of migrating to a more “green” energy infrastructure. Now that strategy is being called into question, as calls for more MORE nuclear energy suddenly mount.

Where is nuclear energy likely to head from here?

Will we see more or less of it over the coming decades?

And do the answers to these questions present opportunities for today’s investor?

To find out, we’re fortunate to speak with Justin Huhn, founder & publisher of Uranium Insider.

European & Global Economies Are Dangerously Fragile | Diego Parrilla


Inflation and slowing economic growth is affecting all corners of the globe these days, but perhaps nowhere as much as Europe — which is also dealing with a massive energy crisis.

We spend a lot of time focusing on the US economy on this program, 1) because the majority of this channel’s viewers reside in the US and 2) it has the world’s largest economy and, for better or worse, what happens in America drives much of the action the rest

of the world reacts to.

But today we’re going to get a European perspective, both on the action in the US as well as the major challenges Europe is grappling with.

For that, we welcome Diego Parrilla, Managing Director of Quadriga Asset Manager back to the program.

Oil Expert Sees Prices Declining Over The Rest Of 2022 | Art Berman


Rising oil prices have sent the average price of US gasoline above $5 for the first time in history.

Are they going even higher from here?

While anything is possible in the immediate term, oil expert Art Berman predicts prices will moderate downwards over the rest of 2022.

Part of this should happen organically: high oil prices tend to be their own cure, as they eventually depress demand.

However, all the big actors on the world stage are

also doing everything they can to bring prices down. The Fed is trying to slow economic activity. Governments are scrambling to unlock new supply. Trade routes are being redrawn.

For a highly data-driven & chart-rich argument for lower oil prices ahead, watch today’s interview with petroleum geologist Art Berman.

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