Oil Expert Sees Prices Declining Over The Rest Of 2022 | Art Berman


Rising oil prices have sent the average price of US gasoline above $5 for the first time in history.

Are they going even higher from here?

While anything is possible in the immediate term, oil expert Art Berman predicts prices will moderate downwards over the rest of 2022.

Part of this should happen organically: high oil prices tend to be their own cure, as they eventually depress demand.

However, all the big actors on the world stage are

also doing everything they can to bring prices down. The Fed is trying to slow economic activity. Governments are scrambling to unlock new supply. Trade routes are being redrawn.

For a highly data-driven & chart-rich argument for lower oil prices ahead, watch today’s interview with petroleum geologist Art Berman.

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Worst Oil Price Shock Since 1980 — When Will It End? (If Ever) | Energy Expert Art Berman


According to today’s guest, energy expert & petroleum geologist Art Berman, the world is now experiencing an oil shock — the magnitude of which we’ve rarely seen before.

Oil prices had risen tremendously over the past two years off of their 2020, but the recent outbreak of war in Ukraine has propelled them into a higher orbit.

The trade embargoes currently under consideration against Russia in response to the invasion sent oil futures

briefly up to $139/barrel last night. That’s nearly twice the price oil traded at the start of the year, just two months ago.

And it’s not just oil. The price for natural gas in Europe has increased 5-fold since 2020.

How much worse is the situation likely to get? And what economic repercussions will these runaway energy prices cause?

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When Will Energy Prices Come Down? Maybe Never Warns Industry Expert | Art Berman


We’ve all seen energy prices skyrocket over the past year — for the oil & natural gas that heat our homes, the electricity we use, and the gasoline we put in our cars.

And certain parts of the world have been concerned about simply getting “enough” energy — at whatever the price — to see them through the winter.

Why did energy suddenly become so in demand, and how did it get so expensive so quickly?


soon until they come down again? WILL they come down again??

For the answers, we turn to energy expert & petroleum geologist Art Berman.