The Recession Is Now Here | David Rosenberg & Stephanie Pomboy


In today’s video you get 2 macro superstars for the price of 1.

Stephanie Pomboy steps in to guest host this interview with economist David Rosenberg — one of Wall Street’s most-awarded analysts over the past 30 years.

In it, they discuss the darkening storm clouds of slowing economic growth, rising interest rates, inflated asset prices & brewing market volatility.

How will markets react from here?

Both are quite confident that the rising cost of capital is bringing economic growth to a screeching halt.

In fact, David says recession is already “starting us in the face”.

While inflation will continue to rage for a while, he sees it getting dragged down by the demand destruction caused by the recession plus a major downwards asset price correction — in both the financial AND housing markets.

Do yourself (and your portfolio!) a favor and watch ASAP this excellent discussion between two of the best macro minds today.

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