Largest Market Bubble Of Our Lifetime Is Now Bursting, So Own This | Stephanie Pomboy

In this Part 2 of our interview with macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy, she directly states that we are witnessing the bursting of the largest asset price bubble of our lifetimes.

Building on her prediction in Part 1 that deflation will soon displace inflation as the primary threat to wealth, Stephanie sees the prices of most stocks, bonds, houses and alternative assets as heading materially lower over the rest of the year.

Stephanie then shares her picks

for where capital should seek safety in this declining & highly volatile environment.

To learn what they are, watch this Part 2 video of our interview with Stephanie Pomboy.

Is Deflation, Not Inflation, The Bigger Long-Term Threat? Stephanie Pomboy

Inflation remains the center-stage villain in the economy right now, with the latest Consumer Price Index coming in at a 41 year high of 8.6%

But is there a bigger bad lurking behind the scenes?

Could deflation be the real threat here, just waiting to pounce after today’s hot inflation has burned itself out?

To explore this, I’m thrilled to welcome Stephany Pomboy back to the program. She’s been concerned about the deflation spectre for a good while.

Stephanie has also

recently done a wonderful job guest-hosting this program, and I thought it high time turn the camera back on her for a dedicated interview.

WATCH Stephanie’s bonus video at

Bursting Bubbles, Inflation & Recession To Spark Social Ire | Pomboy & Atwater

Yesterday we published Part 1 of Stephanie Pomboy’s interview with socionomics expert Peter Atwater.

In it, Peter warned that confidence is starting to be lost in our key institutions like the Fed, Wall Street, Capitol Hill, and corporate America.

As a result, a systemic re-pricing of risk is underway that is likely to result in further massive market value destruction from here.

And as households’ wealth & future prospects further vaporize, Peter fears that social disorder will follow — as “desperate people act desperately”.

What does that mean, exactly? And how should we brace for that possibility?

For answers, watch Part 2 of Stephanie Pomboy’s interview with Peter Atwater.