Caution! We’re Being Fed Bogus Data | Stephanie Pomboy


Macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy breaks down how the recent retails sales & jobs reports are either erroneous (at best) or intentionally deceptive.

Don’t Be Fooled: A Hard Landing Lies Ahead For The Economy (And Markets) | Stephanie Pomboy


The economy has already broken. We just don’t see it yet.

That’s the view of macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy, who is highly confident we’re hurtling into a serious recession this year.

High inflation? Worker shortages?

Those will quickly be things of past.

The economy is rapidly cooling & neither the Fed nor Congress will ride to its rescue this time

At least, not until forced to by a manifesting crisis.

And should that occur, both the economy & the financial markets are going to be in a much worse place than they are now.

Job security and preservation of capital are going to be

the top priorities in the future Stephanie sees ahead.

David Rosenberg & Stephanie Pomboy: Bullish On Bonds In 2023


Here in Part 2 of of interview with economist David Rosenberg, guest host Stephanie Pomboy asks David his predictions on how bonds, stocks and gold should perform in 2023.