Michael Pento Predicts Bear Market In Stocks/Bonds But Bull Market In Gold, Energy & Base Metals


Yesterday we presented Part 1 of our interview with Michael Pento.

In it, he explained why he predicts  a market correction of 30% (or more) to arrive in Q2 of this year, which he thinks will then trigger a credit crisis, leading to a recession.

So if that’s what he expects, how does he advise we position for it?

Here in Part 2, Michael offers a detailed breakdown of how he’s allocating his portfolio now, how he will alter it if indeed a correction arrives, and how he then expects to re-invest his capital once the correction is over.

There are a lot of specifics here, generously offered by a seasoned respected money manager. Watch this video and decide which of the steps he’s taking may make sense for you to consider given your own portfolio.

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