Michael Pento: These Are The Best Assets To Own For The 2023 Bear Market


Money manager Michael Pento returns for Part 2 of our interview with him about investing in the current bear market.

Michael thinks it could fall by an additional 30-60% over the coming year, depending on Fed policy response to inflation.

He continues to recommend investors own his “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” assets: cash, long USD dollar plays, equity shorts & bonds.

Bonds have had a terrible year. But he thinks the current environment is very favorable

for US Treasurys.

He’s also becoming increasingly bullish on gold and the precious metals miners.

Michael Pento: Stocks To Fall 30-60% Until A True Fed Pivot Happens


A year ago when today’s expert appeared on this channel, he warned of an approaching bear market & economic deceleration.

Specifically, he predicted these would be caused by the simultaneous shutoff of the $trilions of government stimulus issued in the year following the global pandemic — the largest monetary & fiscal cliffs in history.

Fast forward to today & well, his outlook was right on the money.

So what does he see in store as we head into next

year? To find out, we’re fortunate to welcome macro analyst & money manager Michael Pento back to the program.

Michael Pento: These Are The Assets You Want To Own For A Market Crash


Money manager Michael Pento returns for Part 2 of this interview to share how he is currently positioning his firm’s portfolio for the 40% market correction he sees coming ahead.

Cash, US dollar, long-dated US Treasury bonds & shorts are what Michael calls “The 4 Horsemen” — the key assets you want to hold during a market crash. He’s also has positions in gold and utilities at this moment, too.