Major Market Reversal Ahead! | Felix Zulauf


Volatility continues to reign in the markets.

After one of the worst January’s on record, stocks have started rallying sharply — but only after a period of intense chop that bruised & confused bulls and bears alike.

Where is all this headed? Will markets shrug off the growing litany of macro concerns and power higher? Or will 2022 be the year the asset bubble bursts for good?

Today’s expert, Felix Zulauf, owner & President of Zulauf Consulting, manages billions in assets, so he doesn’t have the luxury of an opinion without conviction. He has a strong picture of where we are in the current market cycle & is allocating capital accordingly.

Felix predicts markets will correct by 20% or so over the coming months as the Federal Reserve embarks on hiking interest rates. But he then expects the Fed to reverse its stance and adopt more dovish policies by summer, which will resume the bull market in stocks through 2024.

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