Marc Faber: “We Are Destroying Ourselves” – Financial, Social & Geopolitical Unrest Ahead


Well, things are getting interesting fast, to put it mildly.

We already had an overabundance of reasons to be concerned before the shockwave of instability that has rocked the banking system over the past several days.

What’s likely to happen next?

And what should we as individual investors be prioritizing now, before it happens?

These questions will be the key focus of Wealthion’s upcoming online conference, which is now only a few days away.

In the middle of the chaos of covering the still-unfolding bank failures, I’ve been busily preparing for the conference and folks, I’ve got to tell you

, it couldn’t be more timely given what’s going on in the world right now.

To learn more about the conference, go to:

So I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of the caliber of the experts & the content we’ve lined up for this event.

I recently recorded Dr Marc Faber’s presentation – he’s the well-known Editor & Publisher of the Gloom Boom Doom Report – and we then spent another 20 minutes afterwards talking about where all of this growing instability is likely headed.

Marc’s been kind enough to give his permission for me to share this bonus footage with you here.

Painful Market Correction In 2023, Full-Blown Crash In 2024 | Tom McClellan


Market analyst and technical analysis expert Tom McClellan returns for Part 2 of our interview with him in which he explains why he expects the markets to hit a new bottom by October, rebound going into next year, and then experience a full crash by the second half of 2024.

The Market Will Hit A New Bottom By October | Tom McClellan


Market sentiment is muddled right now.

The bull rally since the start of the year is appearing to sputter out.

The bears are growling louder — but they too, haven’t been able to grab control of the price direction.

In murky times like these, turning to the data & navigating by what it’s telling us is often highly useful. Which is why we’re fortunate to have one of the best technical analysts in the industry, Tom McClellan, joining us today to share his latest interpretation of the current market action.