Michael Pento: Stocks To Fall 30-60% Until A True Fed Pivot Happens


A year ago when today’s expert appeared on this channel, he warned of an approaching bear market & economic deceleration.

Specifically, he predicted these would be caused by the simultaneous shutoff of the $trilions of government stimulus issued in the year following the global pandemic — the largest monetary & fiscal cliffs in history.

Fast forward to today & well, his outlook was right on the money.

So what does he see in store as we head into next

year? To find out, we’re fortunate to welcome macro analyst & money manager Michael Pento back to the program.

“The Math No Longer Works” As Sky-High Mortgages Pop Housing Bubble | Wolf Richter


“After mind-boggling ridiculous spikes, home prices in most markets are dropping. And in some markets, they’re plunging at the fastest pace on record And in some cases, they’re going down faster than they’d spiked on the way up. And it’s just the beginning.”

So says analyst Wolf Richter in his recent post “The Housing Bubble Has Popped, and the Fed Can Let it Rip”

Just how bad may things get from here? We sit down with Wolf to find out.

S&P To Drop To 3000, Possibly Lower? | Danielle DiMartino Booth


Federal Reserve analyst Danielle DiMartino Booth returns for Part 2 of our interview with her in which she forecasts how low she think this bear market in stocks & bonds will go, as well as which assets she thinks are most prudent for investors to consider given the current macro environment.