Jeff Snider: Recession Will Worsen The Bear Market & The Fed Is Powerless To Stop It


Here at the mid-point of 2022, investors are assessing the terrible first half of the year and wondering what the second half will bring.

And as we peer ahead right now, the stormclouds outnumber the sunbeams.

Measured inflation remains hot. And recession and stagflation are on everyone’s lips — it seems a foregone conclusion to many at this point.

The Fed remains committed to raising the cost of capital. And Q2 earnings calls are about to begin: will companies announce downwards revisions to their forecasts, thereby sending stocks even lower?

To address these important topics, we’re fortunate to be joined by monetary expert and economic researcher Jeffrey Snider, now of Eurodollar University. He’s at the top of the list of experts the Wealthion audience has been asking me to bring on the program and I’m thrilled he’s finally been able to join us.

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