Grant Williams: 2022 Will Be A ‘Bizarro World’ For Investors As High Inflation Changes Everything


We’ve lived in a low inflation world for the past 40 years.

But with inflation now raging, how will that change the investing climate going forward?

Here in December investors are starting to look ahead to next year, wondering what’s most likely to happen in 2022.

Raging inflation, the sudden rise of volatility in the financial markets and the current media headlines screaming about the newest COVID virus variant suggest the year may have a rocky start.

Which could be further impacted by the expected marked reduction in both monetary & fiscal stimulus in the US.

So, to understand where the puck is likely headed in 2022, we’re bringing in the big guns and welcoming Grant Williams — portfolio advisor, commentator & co-founder of RealVision — onto the program.

Grant is hands-down one of the absolute best macro analysts in the business.

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