The Market Is Calling The Fed’s Bluff – Who Will Win? | Lance Roberts & Adam Taggart

In this week’s recap, Lance Roberts and Adam discuss everything that mattered to markets this week.

Should Central Banking Exist? A debate between Michael Green vs. Yaron Brook

As the Fed is poised to crash the economy in order to stop the inflation it arguably caused, we ask one simple question: Do we really need a central bank or can the free market work things out?

A Fed Pivot Will Squash The Economy | Michael Lebowitz

Portfolio manager Michael Lebowitz returns here in Part 2 of our interview with him to explain that a Fed pivot may not deliver the happy rescue many investors are currently anticipating.

Like Bill Fleckenstein, Michael thinks if/when the Fed pivots, if inflation is not fully tamed (which looks increasingly unlikely to happen anytime soon), the bond market’s confidence in the Fed will be broken.

As a result, the bond vigilantes will send credit yields higher, not lower as many are currently


In this discussion, Michael also shares his thoughts on which assets are best positioned to protect wealth through the continued turmoil he sees ahead.