Caution! Markets Now At Record Risk Levels | Sven Henrich


Looking at markets from the macro view helps us estimate what “should” happen next.

But to improve our overall understanding, we also need to take into account what “is” happening right now.

As well as consider what history tells us has happened in the past, when similar investing conditions occurred.

For that perspective, we turn to Technical Analysis — the charts, patterns and statistical data that help us visualize & comparatively assess today’s price action.

In this latest interview, we hear from one of the very best technical analysts in the business today, Sven Henrich, of Northman Trader.

We were extremely fortunate to get two hours of Sven’s time, in which he provided an exceptional macro recap before conducting a detailed walk-through of the charts & technicals that have his attention most right now.

Being blunt, the data tells Sven that markets are at their most over-valued levels in all of history. And that market internals are eroding, swiftly.

In this new video, the first of 3 in this series with Sven, we discuss the most likely timing & severity of a coming downward “right sizing” of asset prices.

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