30%+ Market Drop In Q2 Will Trigger A Recession | Michael Pento


2022 is officially here & investors are wondering what this new year has in store for us.

How about a 30% market correction and a global recession?

That’s what money manager Michael Pento predicts is most likely to happen.

Inflation, Federal Reserve tapering & interest rate hikes have changed the game for the financial markets.

Stocks, bonds and most other assets are likely to decline in price this year as authorities have no other choice but to end stimulus and then tighten.

Which is why Pento expects a market correction of 30% (or more) to arrive in Q2 of this year, which he thinks will then trigger a credit crisis, leading to a recession.

For the details on the timing, severity & duration of these predicted challenges, watch this brand new video interview with Michael Pento.

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