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In last week’s interview with Bill Fleckenstein, he suggested we soon bring on an expert in high frequency trading algorithms (HFTs).

And from the resulting spike in comments, it appears that many of you viewers are strongly interested in this idea, too.

Well, you asked — and we’re delivering.

I sat down with market mechanics expert Joe Saluzzi for his latest update on how HFTs have changed the way markets operate (vs the old days when trading was done by actual humans).

In Joe’s opinion, most of those changes have been unfair and at the expense of the regular investor.

HFTs now operate at sub-second speeds we can’t see or comprehend. Even the regulators are often blind to what’s going on.

As Joe states: HFTs are the predators in the markets these days. And we are their prey, whether we realize it or not.

For the details on the hidden universe of HFTs & how to protect yourself against them, watch our new interview with Joe Saluzzi.

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