The World’s Largest Gold Nugget: Just How Big Is It? We Take A Road Trip To See For Ourselves

` Precious Metals & Mining Analyst Jeff Clark and I take a road trip to find out just how big the World’s Largest Crystalline Gold Nugget is.

Crystalline nuggets are the most rare kind of gold nuggets, as well as the most pure — at a 98% purity level.

The nugget we go to see in this video is called ‘The Crown Jewel’ and is stored within a vault at Ironstone Winery in Murphys, CA in the hear of gold country. It was discovered in 1992 and is over 640 troy ounces.

At today’s spot gold price, that’s worth around $1.2 million in melt value. But its valuable as a collectible is much, much higher — practically priceless in fact as there are so few natural nuggets of this size in the world.

Just how big is it? Watch the video and see for yourself!

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