Gold, Silver & Mining Stocks Due For A Big Rebound | Jeff Clark, Precious Metals Analyst


Gold has had a bit of a wild ride so far this year.

Spiking inflation and the outbreak of war in Ukraine sent the gold price soaring to an all-time high in March.

But since then, gold has slumped and gold mining stocks have taken some pretty sizable losses.

Inflation is still running hot and the Ukraine war continues. Why is gold not performing better?

For an updated outlook for gold & the miners, we’re fortunate to have Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals analyst for return to the program.

We’ll also get a performance update of his preferred basket of mining stocks, which he calls the GDXJeff.

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Gold Price Rise Just Getting Started As Mining Sector M&A Heats Up | Jeff Clark


The price of gold hit an intra-day record high of $2,078.80/oz two weeks ago.

Though the price has since retreated to $1,925/oz,’s precious metals analyst Jeff Clark says that’s just a healthy retracement and that he expects new record highs ahead.

One reason for that is because M&A activity is finally heating back up in the gold mining sector.

After many years of underinvestment, available supply is tightening right as demand is rising.

It takes a long time for the

“major” mining companies to bring new mines into production, so it’s much faster for them to simply purchase smaller players with proven projects already underway.

Even non-mining companies are getting into the action, as evidenced by the recent surprise purchase of Hycroft Mining by meme stock darling AMC Theaters.

To hear Jeff’s latest outlook for both gold and his custom “GDXJeff” basket of favored mining stocks, watch today’s video with Jeff Clark.

Jeff Clark Predicts Gold & Silver Prices For 2022


Where are gold and silver prices headed in 2022?’s senior precious metals analyst Jeff Clark reveals his predictions in this video.

He also gives his outlook for gold & silver mining stocks, and kindly shares his recent presentation from Wealthion’s online conference in which he provides his top mining stock picks — including one he thinks has the potential to increase by 20x.

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