The Bull Case For Stocks & What Bears Get Wrong About The Market | Nadine Terman of CNBCs Fast Money


The majority of the recent experts featured on this program have been very skeptical of today’s richly-valued markets and have urged investors to take caution.

To avoid the echo chamber effect, many of you have contacted me and wisely asked for an interview focused on the other side of the story.

What do the bulls think?

How do those who are actively long this market rationalize their optimism?

What are the bears misunderstanding?

To find out, we sat down with fund manager Nadine Terman. Nadine is CEO of Solstein Capital and a regular commentator on CNBC’s popular trading show Fast Money.

In this new interview, she gives a detailed breakdown of why she remains long this market and shares her keys to success for active investing.

Even if you’re highly skeptical of today’s asset prices, learning how “the other side thinks” offers valuable opportunity to validate or evolve your current investing assumptions.

Put these insights into action.

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