Market Locked In A ‘Battle For Control’ Between Bulls & Bears | Sven Henrich



l times recently I’ve made the statement: “All the technical action is bullish, but all the macro data is pretty horrible and getting worse”

One of these sides will eventually prepare.

And, after a fantastic start to the year, the market action is starting to look a little shaky.

To get the best sense of exactly what the technicals are telling us right now, we’re fortunate to welcome Sven Henrich of NorthmanTrader back on the program to discuss both his latest macro and market outlooks.

‘Economic Pain’ Lies Ahead In 2023 Once Hard Landing Becomes Too Obvious To Ignore | Thomas Thornton


After a punishing year in 2022, the markets have had a great start to 2023.

The S&P is currently up 8% for the year, and the Nasdaq has had its best start in 20 years, up 15% YTD.

Is this the ‘all clear’? Is the bottom in and a better year for markets ahead?

Or is this a classic bull trap? One that sucks everyone back in before the bear returns to maul everyone?

In uncertain times like these, it’s wise to tap the counsel of those with decades of long-term success in the markets. So today we’ll ask these

questions of Thomas Thorton, former portfolio manager, senior trader, technical analyst, and now founder of Hedgefund Telemetry.

By the way, Thomas’ trade model was up 53% last year — a feat few others can boast.

Jim Rickards: Crash By Mid-Year Once Recession Is Obvious To All


When unstable systems start to falter, the pace at which they unravel speeds up.

Which is why we’re bringing back James Rickards to the program today, even though he was last on just a few months ago.

Much of what Jim predicted predicted when last on this program: accelerating disinflation, continued trade disruptions, a Fed hell-bent on ‘higher for longer’ in its hawkish interest rate policy — has built momentum since his last appearance.

Given the quickening pace of events, we thought it wise to get an ‘audible’ from Jim on where he thinks things are headed next.

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