John Hussman: Investing For The Inevitable Bursting of Today’s Stock Market Bubble (PT2)

If you haven’t yet watched Part 1 of our discussion with John in which he explains why he think we’re in the largest asset price bubble in US history and that a disappointing decade lies ahead for unprepared investors, watch it here:


Higher Interest Rates Ahead May Crash The Market By 60% Or More

We’re living in a world of ‘all-time high’ asset prices. And now, rising wages, too.

Are these the new Roaring 20’s?

Will we enjoy a prolonged period of prosperity from here?

Or is the current party not sustainable?

Pre-eminent macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy is highly confident a painful reckoning awaits dead ahead.

In particular, she expects interest rates to start rising soon — regardless of the Fed’s plans.

Rising rates are pure kryptonite to the

kind of over-leveraged economy & over-inflated asset prices we have now.

In this interview, Stephanie shares her projections for what lies ahead and how she is positioning prudently for it now.

Safe Haven: Gold, Emerging Markets, Energy Stocks, Long-Dated US Treasurys | Stephanie Pomboy (PT2)

Here in Part 2 of this interview with economic macro researcher Stephanie Pomboy, Stephanie shares how she is positioning her own portfolio today for the volatile times she expects ahead.

She owns no US equities except precious metals mining companies. Her largest position is physical gold, held along with Emerging Markets equities from countries with natural resource-based economies, energy stocks, and long-dated US Treasurys.

If you’ve not yet watched Part 1 of this interview with Stephanie, you can do so here: