Felix Zulauf: Bust/Boom Cycle Ahead As “Decade Of The Rollercoasters” Kicks Off


At the close of the worst years for stocks & bonds combined on record, markets are trying to engineer a year-end rally to convince investors the bear market is over.

Is it?

And as we enter 2023 where is all this headed? Will asset prices shrug off the growing litany of macro concerns and recover in the new year? Or will 2023 be another bruising year for portfolios?

I can’t think of anyone better to ask these questions to than today’s expert, Felix Zulauf, owner & President of Zulauf Asset Management, who last appeared on this program in early February

& made the prediction of a 20% market correction by mid-year, which proved dead-on accurate.

Felix manages billions in assets, so he doesn’t have the luxury of an opinion without conviction. He has a strong picture of where we are in the current market cycle & is allocating capital accordingly.

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Jim Rickards: Surprised? The U.S. Market Looks Best-Positioned In The Long Run


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Macro expert James Rickards returns for Part 2 our interview to explain why he predicts disinflation/deflation will overwhelm today’s inflation in 2023.

He also shares the portfolio allocation that he thinks will fare best over the coming market turbulence — offering his thoughts on stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, energy producers & private equity.