Gold & Silver To Outshine Stocks & Bonds This Year | Tavi Costa, Crescat Capital

As stocks, bonds, cryptos and nearly every other asset attempt to find a bottom after the past several weeks of painful losses, stung investors are asking: Are there any good investments out there right now?

Investor and analyst Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital returns here in Part 2 of our interview with him to explain why he remains especially bullish right now on gold, silver & their related mining companies.

Tavi explains the fundamentals — including

a chronic underinvestment in exploration, CAPEX and human talent in the sector — in this chart-rich discussion. He also generously names nearly a dozen stocks he sees as particularly attractive right now.

Weekly Market Recap: Back At Year Lows. Big Drop Or Bounce From Here?

Bonds & stocks are having one of their worst starts to the year in history.

Will the bloodletting soon stop? Perhaps setting up a rally?

Or will it turn into a full-blown hemorrhage?

Financial advisor Lance Roberts returns to share how he’s positioning capital for what he thinks is most likely.

We also talk about the growing threats to those in/approaching retirement as the cost of living surges while portfolios stumble. 

For all that and more, watch this week’s Market Recap with Lance.

Bill Fleckenstein: Is It Time To Short The Market? Famed Short Seller Weighs In

With sentiment souring as stocks & bonds both have their worst start to the year in decades, is it now time to start shorting the markets?

Highly experienced short seller Bill Fleckenstein shares his professional opinion in this video.