Ready For The 30-Year Commodity Mega-Trend?


Yesterday we presented Part 1 of our interview with resource & political expert David Knight Legg.

It was one of the most thought-provoking conversations we’ve yet had about the criticality of energy to the economy & geopolitical power — and the many dangers of getting national energy policy wrong.

Here in Part 2, David returns to share with us the mega-trend that he thinks will most define the next 30 years: the raising of 1.5 billion people out of energy poverty.

That’s nearly 1 in 4 people alive on the planet today.

The scale of increasing demand this will place on the world’s commodities, especially fuels, is so large it’s hard to comprehend.

To hear one of the best arguments for making hard assets an important part of your portfolio, watch Part 2 of our interview with David Knight Legg.

If after watching the video you want to read the article that inspired this interview, click here.

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