Is The Ukraine War Actually An Energy Heist?


Last week, an opinion piece written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Brett Stephen ran in The New York Times titled “What If Putin Didn’t Miscalculate?”

It posited that if you look at Russia’s incursion into Ukraine as a mission to annex the country’s world-class energy resources, it looks much more like a success than the bungled regime change failure it’s frequently portrayed as in the media.

And regardless of what the primary objective was, Russia is now in control of these critical resources.

That could well be a game-changer. For the geopolitical chessboard as well as for individual investors.


To find out, we talk with David Knight Legg, the energy expert whose input largely inspired The New York Times’ piece.

This is one of the most fascinating discussions I’ve had yet had on this channel. And perhaps one of the most important to understanding how the future economy will operate.

Warning: this may challenge some of the beliefs you hold about the West’s current energy policies.

If after watching the video you want to read the article that inspired this interview, click here.

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