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Today we speak with the most well-connected economic networker I know, John Mauldin.

John has published his own macroeconomic analysis for decades in his widely-read Thoughts From the Frontline newsletter, which in the process of doing his research for, brings him into contact with the people at the very top who run our financial and political systems – I’m talking about CEOs of the largest companies, managers of the largest institutional funds, Secretaries of State, Federal Reserve economists & the world’s top think tanks.

I love talking with John because he’s a walking, talking Cliff Notes guide to what all these top experts are thinking right now. And given the fast-rising uncertainty of today’s world, being able to tap the collective wisdom of that brain trust is especially valuable.

John is also bringing a stellar collection of that brain trust together – over 50 of these experts, I believe – at his online Strategic Investment Conference, which is coming up in two weeks. I’ll ask him to let us know how we can learn more about attending that in this interview, but first I want to deep deep into the macro outlook with him.

For more info on John’s upcoming STRATEGIC INVESTOR CONFERENCE, go to

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