‘Economic Pain’ Lies Ahead In 2023 Once Hard Landing Becomes Too Obvious To Ignore | Thomas Thornton


After a punishing year in 2022, the markets have had a great start to 2023.

The S&P is currently up 8% for the year, and the Nasdaq has had its best start in 20 years, up 15% YTD.

Is this the ‘all clear’? Is the bottom in and a better year for markets ahead?

Or is this a classic bull trap? One that sucks everyone back in before the bear returns to maul everyone?

In uncertain times like these, it’s wise to tap the counsel of those with decades of long-term success in the markets. So today we’ll ask these questions of Thomas Thorton, former portfolio manager, senior trader, technical analyst, and now founder of Hedgefund Telemetry.

By the way, Thomas’ trade model was up 53% last year — a feat few others can boast.

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