Don’t Count On More QE Stimulus, The Fed Is Likely Retiring It | Pedro da Costa


We’ve frequently commented on this program that it’s hard to be an ‘investor’ over recent years because central planner policy has been by far the big driver of price action.

Instead, we’re forced to be ‘speculators’, placing our bets based on what we think those few policymakers will decide to do next.

Last week’s near-death moment for British pension funds is a classic example of how a change in policy can disrupt everything in a heartbeat.

So we should try to get the best bead we can then on where policy is most likely headed. To this end, Wealthion has recently spoken to former Federal Reserve senior economist Lacy Hunt and former Fed advisor Danielle DiMartino Booth.

And today we have the good fortune of adding respected journalist Pedro de Costa to that list. Pedro has spent the past 20 years covering central bank policy for publications such as Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and now MNI – Market news.

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