David Hunter: 40% Market Meltup Over Next 6 Months, Then 80% Crash


Few experts I interview generate as much controversy as macro analyst David Hunter.

He’s a contrarian by nature, and so is most comfortable when his forecasts differ extremely from the consensus view.

And despite today’s grim macro outlook of spiking inflation, rising cost of debt, a struggling consumer & inverted yield curves predicting recession – he’s doubling down on his forecast that the S&P will leap higher by 40-50% over the coming 3-6 months.

And if that’s not a bold enough prediction for you, he’s then calling for the markets to fall soon afterwards by up to 80%, as the biggest financial crisis in US history takes place.

Can the prediction of such massive moves be credible?

Well, agree with it or not, there’s a rationale underlying David’s convictions.

To learn it, as well as which assets he predicts will fare best if his coming meltup indeed occurs, watch this just-released interview with David Hunter.

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