“All Things Money” Q&A with Expert Financial Advisors: Lance Roberts & New Harbor


We at Wealthion are always trying to think of new & better ways to deliver the insights you want most.

So we recently asked ourselves:

Why not simply let folks ask our experts their most burning questions directly?

And the result was this morning’s “All Things Money” Q&A session with Lance Roberts and the New Harbor team — the first livestream Wealthion has ever produced.

Viewers from around the world got the chance to ask the questions they cared about most.

We covered market instability, inflation, bonds, Fed policy, precious metals, risk management and real estate along with many other topics.

And the expert financial advisors did a great job of fielding them, for over an hour.

Feedback on this new format has been extremely positive so far. But don’t take our word for it, watch & judge for yourself.

But it’s highly likely this is a format we’ll repeat regularly going forward (maybe monthly?)

Put these insights into action.

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