Weekly Market Recap: Don’t Get Mauled! A Bear Market May Have Just Started


The bear attack scene in the movie The Revenant is surprisingly similar to how a bear market mauls investors.

First, the bear makes its initial assault, injuring its prey.

Then it backs off, raising hopes that the attack is over.

But then it returns to deliver a more vicious mauling than before, bent on absolute destruction.

In today’s Weekly Market Recap, investment advisor Lance Roberts explains why he thinks we’re in Phase 1 of a bear market right now. 

The major indices are wounded, down over -10%. But there are reasons to expect a relief rally (Phase 2) happening soon from here.

If that rally fails though, things could get ugly in a hurry (Phase 3) should the bear market return at full force.

To hear the details of Lance’s bear market outlook, watch this week’s Weekly Market Recap.

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