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For most people, tax season is behind us now — phew!

But that doesn’t mean we can push taxes to the back burner until next year. Far from it!

In fact, today’s guest, Tom Wheelwright, CPA, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Rich Dad Advisor® & International Authority on Tax, is here to remind us that RIGHT NOW is the time when your accountant can help you the most in terms of minimizing the taxes you’ll need to pay in this current 2023 tax year.

There are a number of potential steps you can take between now and the end of the year that can substantially reduce your tax footprint in the eyes of the IRS (or whatever the tax authority is in your country of residence), as well as reduce your odds of getting audited.

But if you wait until the end of the year to start thinking about your 2023, as most people will do, it will be too late.

So what steps should we consider taking? We ask Tom in this video.


Transcript Available Shortly…

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