Kyle Bass: War Between The US & China Within 2 Years Or Sooner?


2022 has been a difficult one so far for investors to successfully navigate.

The US economy looks to be entering recession. Europe is in even worse shape. China is struggling, too, while tensions with Taiwan mount dangerously.

This year has also had one of the worst 1st halves of the year for both stocks & bonds in history.

And with economic growth contracting, inflation remaining at 40 year highs, and the Fed continuing to increase the cost of

capital through rate hikes — financial asset prices may still have lower to go.

What will the key macro drivers be through the end of the year? Are the markets through the worst of the challenges, or are things just warming up? Are there attractive opportunities for investors right now — or is this a time to hunker down?

Today we have the good fortune to put those questions to Kyle Bass, Founder & CIO of Hayman Capital Management.