5-Year Boom Ahead For Uranium Sector Given Growing World Demand For Nuclear Energy | Justin Huhn


Nuclear power analyst Justin Huhn of Uranium Insider returns for Part 2 of our interview with him to share his outlook for the uranium market & why he predicts a 3-5 year boom in prices ahead for the metal itself as well as the companies that mine & process it.

Nuclear Power THE Answer To The Global Energy Crisis? | Justin Huhn Of Uranium Insider


The global energy crisis is suddenly thrusting nuclear power into the spotlight.

Most nations have spent the past decade-plus working on mothballing or exiting their nuclear production facilities in the pursuit of migrating to a more “green” energy infrastructure. Now that strategy is being called into question, as calls for more MORE nuclear energy suddenly mount.

Where is nuclear energy likely to head from here?

Will we see more or less of it over the coming decades?

And do the answers to these questions present opportunities for today’s investor?

To find out, we’re fortunate to speak with Justin Huhn, founder & publisher of Uranium Insider.

Commodities Just Re-Priced In A Way That Will Change Everything | Rick Rule


Suddenly commodities — oil, natural gas, wheat, gold, nickel, uranium, you name it — are at the epicenter of the world’s focus.

They’ve now been weaponized in the recent international response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The US and its allies are enforcing embargoes against Russian exports, while Russia simultaneously tells the West it won’t sell to them anymore anyways.

Given that Russia is a top world supply of many key natural resources, the prices of many commodities are

going ballistic. A number of them leaping by over 20-40% over the past week alone.

Thank goodness natural resources expert Rick Rule is able to join us today to help us make sense of the frantic action currently playing out before our eyes.

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