The Most Successful Investors Do These 2 Things Very Well | Ted Oakley


High net worth financial advisor Ted Oakley returns for Part 2 of our interview with him.

Expect A Mass Die-Off Of Public Companies Later This Year | Ted Oakley


When the road ahead is uncertain, there’s no wiser choice than to listen to those with experience – who have seen enough market cycles to judge what’s most likely to happen next.

Today we’re fortunate to welcome financial advisor Ted Oakley, managing partner & founder of Oxbow Advisors.

Ted has over 40 years experience helping clients, mostly high net worth families, protect and build wealth through good times and bad.

Here at the start of 2023, we’ll ask him if the bear market is over, or if it’s simply sharpening its claws, waiting to strike again. And we’ll find out

how he’s currently positioning his clients assets for the coming year.

Families Who Get & Stay Rich All Have This In Common | Ted Oakley, Oxbow Advisors


Financial advisor Ted Oakley has spent the past several decades helping hundreds of high net worth families manage their wealth. Over this time, he’s realized that the families who are successful at maintaining & growing their wealth — vs spending it all in a single generation — share important traits in their attitude & behavior.

These commonalities — like how they treat & teach their children around money — can help families of ANY net

worth become wealthier over time.