Families Who Get & Stay Rich All Have This In Common | Ted Oakley, Oxbow Advisors


Financial advisor Ted Oakley has spent the past several decades helping hundreds of high net worth families manage their wealth. Over this time, he’s realized that the families who are successful at maintaining & growing their wealth — vs spending it all in a single generation — share important traits in their attitude & behavior.

These commonalities — like how they treat & teach their children around money — can help families of ANY net

worth become wealthier over time.

Bear Market NOT Over & Is Headed To New Lows | Ted Oakley, Oxbow Advisors


Markets have been sinking after Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s tough talk at Jackson Hole last week.

Getting inflation under control remains the Fed’s top priority, and it’s going to be a real challenge. It will require tough medicine that’s going to require “pain”, to use Powell’s words.

In rocky times like these, it helps to seek the counsel of advisors who have experienced many past market cycles — what are they lessons they’ve learned that may

help us better navigate our wealth through what’s to come?

Which is why we’re fortunate today to talk with money manager Ted Oakley, founder and Managing Partner of investment advisory firm Oxbow Advisors.

More Market Weakness In Store For 2022 Warns Money Manager Ted Oakley, Oxbow Advisors


Even though both the stocks and bonds have had a dismal start to the year, most investors aren’t panicking yet.

Instead, there’s a lot of talk about the bottom being near. And hope that much of the recent losses can be regained.

That kind of optimism isn’t seen in a real bear market, cautions seasoned financial advisor Ted Oakley, Managing Partner & founder of Oxbow Advisors.

In a true bear market – which he sees as likely

to arrive as the year progresses – pessimism rules. It gets to the point where no one thinks stocks can ever go up again. We’re far from that kind of capitulation in sentiment right now.

Ted joins us today to share his outlook on how he sees the investing landscape playing out from here.