Gold & Silver To Outshine Stocks & Bonds This Year | Tavi Costa, Crescat Capital

As stocks, bonds, cryptos and nearly every other asset attempt to find a bottom after the past several weeks of painful losses, stung investors are asking: Are there any good investments out there right now?

Investor and analyst Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital returns here in Part 2 of our interview with him to explain why he remains especially bullish right now on gold, silver & their related mining companies.

Tavi explains the fundamentals — including

a chronic underinvestment in exploration, CAPEX and human talent in the sector — in this chart-rich discussion. He also generously names nearly a dozen stocks he sees as particularly attractive right now.

Commodities Best Assets To Own During The Market’s ‘Great Unwind’ | Tavi Costa, Crescat Capital

Markets are in turmoil as inflation rages, the Fed hikes interest rates and recession looms.

So far for 2022:

  • US Government bonds are down over 10%
  • The S&P is down over 17%
  • The tech-heavy NASDAQ is down over 27%
  • And Bitcoin is down over 37%

Today’s guest, analyst Tavi Costa of Crescat Research, thinks there’s room further to fall for these assets as everything is repriced in what he refers to as the Great Unwind.

But the one sector

he thinks remains poised to do well – very well – from here is commodities like energy, oil, natural gas, agriculture, wheat, base metals, copper, precious metals, gold & silver.
In this interview we dive deep into his reasons why.