Marc Faber: The End Of Capitalism & Democracy?

Here in Part 2 of this interview with Marc Faber, Marc addresses whether we are entering a new commodity supercycle, explains why he expects the purchasing power of fiat currencies to erode much further from here, and expounds on what true wealth is (e.g. more than just money)

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Marc Faber: Prepare For A Lost Decade As Stagflation, Shaky Markets & Geo-Political Risks Worsen

So far, 2022 has brought hot inflation. Slowing economic growth. Shaky financial markets. And now War.

And we’re only two months into the year so far.

Will things start getting better? Or are even worse times ahead?

To learn the answer, we seek the counsel of Dr Marc Faber, PhD in economics, author and long-time Editor & Publisher of the Gloom Boom Doom Report.