Marc Faber: ‘A Lot Of People Will Lose All Their Money’ – Huge Market Losses Lie Ahead


Fan-favorite forecaster Marc Faber returns for Part 2 of our interview with him to focus on which assets he thinks investors should consider to protect their wealth through the turmoil he sees ahead.

Diversification is key in Marc’s eyes, though he does think that havin

g large cash reserves right now is particularly prudent. He’s a fan of short-term government bonds & gold — but he expects most other assets to take a walloping in the coming months.

Marc Faber: A Massive Systemic Shock Is Coming & The Fed Is Actively Courting It


Dr Marc Faber returns to the program to provide his latest macro outlook. Marc is a PhD in economics, author and long-time Editor & Publisher of the Gloom Boom Doom Report.

It’s quite pessimistic, as Marc sees the combination of ‘too much debt’, asset bubbles, a moribund global economy, and smoldering social unrest resulting from historic levels of wealth inequality serve as a pressure cooker that will break badly somewhere in the system.

Add in short-sighted (incompetent) political decision making & he sees a highly turbulent era ahead. One in which “a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money”

Stock, bond, real estate — all these markets are vulnerable and likely to drop much further from here in Marc’s estimation.

Marc Faber: The End Of Capitalism & Democracy?


Here in Part 2 of this interview with Marc Faber, Marc addresses whether we are entering a new commodity supercycle, explains why he expects the purchasing power of fiat currencies to erode much further from here, and expounds on what true wealth is (e.g. more than just money)

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