Lower Prices Ahead: Don’t Trust This Rally! | Alf Peccatiello


Former bond portfolio manager Alf Peccatiello returns for Part 2 of our interview with him to explain why he calculates that the bear market isn’t over yet & won’t bottom until 2023.

He also shares two of the trades he thinks will perform well between now and then.

Stagflation & Disinflation To Reign in 2022


On Friday we sent you Part 1 of our interview with bond expert Alfonso Peccatiello.

In it, Alf explained why he sees credit spreads widening further from here, leading to a repricing of risk across the financial markets.

In turn, that should result in lower financial asset prices as the year progresses.

So, how can investors protect themselves & possibly profit should this indeed happen?

Here in Part 2 of our interview with Alf, he generously reveals how his portfolio is currently allocated — conservatively, but

also with several targeted short positions that should benefit if credit spreads indeed continue widening.

To learn the specific securities he’s invested in now, watch Part 2 of our interview with Alfonso Peccatiello.

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