How To Beat Inflation | Louis-Vincent Gave


International investor Louis-Vincent Gave returns for Part 2 of our interview with him, in which he explains why developing countries will benefit from a surge of capital over the coming decade and should deliver superior returns as a result. He shares the 5 countries he is most excited about.

De-Dollarization Is Accelerating, Propelled By China & Russia | Louis Gave


Researcher and money manager Louis Gave returns in Part 2 of our interview with him to discuss the acceleration away from the US dollar as a trade currency by many non-West countries.

America’s weaponization of semiconductors against China and of the West’s financial system against Russia have forced those two countries to speed up their efforts to conduct trade in currencies other than the dollar.

What will a world less dependent on the dollar look like? Does this trend open

up any intersesting investment opportunities?

Louis shares his thoughts on both of these questions.

Inflation Here To Stay As Globalization Dies? | Louis-Vincent Gave


Many of the most important developments shaping events here in 2022 are happening outside of the US

Obviously, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended the geo-political chessboard, as well as world trade and the energy & financial markets.

China, too, is making waves that all nations feel.

What decisions these two world powers make, especially in terms of what kind of relationship they choose to have with the West going forward, will have large & long lasting implications.

To better understand

the situation from a non-US perspective, we’re fortunately to speak with Louis Gave, Founding Partner and CEO at Gavekal.