Weekly Market Recap: We’re Still In A Bear Market Rally


Despite the recent run-up, we’re still in a bear market rally cautions financial advisor Lance Roberts.

Until and unless the technical indicators suggest otherwise, investor bias should be to expect a reversal at some point.

This is why Lance is trimming his stock positions now.

He’s also starting to add long-dated US Treasurys again  — a non-intuitive move to many in a rising interest rate environment, but it’s important to understand his rationale for doing so.

To hear it, as well

as our thoughts on the real estate market & the importance of position sizing within a portfolio, watch this weekend’s Weekly Market Recap.

Whiplash Markets! Strong Earnings & Inflation/Ukraine Fears Send Prices Zig-Zagging


Lance Roberts of RIA Advisors joins Adam Taggart to summarize the notable developments in the financial markets over the past week.

What To Buy With Higher Interest Rates Ahead? – Weekly Market Recap: Jan 14, 2022


Given the overwhelmingly positive reception to last week’s pilot episode of our new Weekly Market Recap show, it’s now official:

This new format will be a regular Wealthion program, airing every weekend, going forward.

In this week’s Recap, Lance Roberts and I tackle the question:

What to buy now that the Fed is expected to hike interest rates several times this year?

One of Lance’s planned purchases will likely surprise you, as it sounds pretty contradictory

at first.

To hear it, along with the rest of Lance’s recommendations, watch this week’s Market Recap.