Jim Rogers: Commodities Are The Only “Cheap” Asset Right Now

Jim returns here in Part 2 to explain why he thinks commodities are the best refuge for capital today given what he sees coming.

He still sees them as “cheap”, despite the recent price advances many key resources have already experienced this year.

To learn why, as well as what gives him hope for the future, watch Part 2 of our interview with Jim Rogers.

Jim Rogers: “Worst Bear Market AND Recession Of My Lifetime” Ahead

As inflation spiked over the past year, commodity prices started rising dramatically from their multi-year lows.

But following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the prices of all major commodities — from oil to gas to gold to nickel to wheat — have positively gone berserk.

Many of them are up 20-40% (and some a lot higher) in just the past two weeks.

In trying to understand where things are headed, we consult Jim Rogers, legendary international investor, financial commentator

and author of several books including the best-seller “Hot Commodities”.

Well, commodities are so hot right now they’re nearly thermonuclear.

Jim, who’s approaching 80, has seen a lot of market cycles.

Given what he sees now, he’s predicting we’ll soon experience both the worst bear market AND worst recession of his lifetime.

Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards & Other Top Money Experts Offer Warnings & Advice For 2022

What do top Money & Markets experts like Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, John Hussman, Grant Williams, Michael Pento, George Gammon, Wolf Richter & Steen Jakobsen think about the state of the financial markets as we enter 2022? How worried are they about inflation, record high prices for stocks & real estate, Federal Reserve tapering &. interest rate hikes, or a market crash? What steps do they recommend today’s investors consider taking now?

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