Jim Rickards: 15% Inflation Ahead If Fed Pivots Too Soon


Jim returns for Part 2 of his interview with Stephanie Pomboy in which he explains that, should the Fed pivot back to easing before inflation is fully tamed, it risks re-igniting the CPI back up as high as a horrific 15%.

He also shares his reasons for thinking that CBDCs are inevitable — in fact, already in progress.

Jim Rickards: A 2008-Style Liquidity Crisis + Recession Is The Big Threat Now


Jim is concerned we may be heading into a recession + liquidity crisis similar to what we experienced during the 2008 GFC.

A financial crisis spreads just like a virus does. The contagion equation is the same. Shifts in narrative/confidence can cause fear to spread quickly – sometimes creating the bad outcome it’s afraid of (e.g., a run on the bank). Or sometimes the opposite (e.g., asset bubbles).

The Fed pivot narrative brought a lot of capital back

into the market, which resulted in the July rally. But the “logic” behind this narrative wasn’t necessarily correct. But it drove prices higher…until Powell brought the hammer down at Jackson Hole. The fundamentals can’t be dismissed no matter how much the market would prefer they could. The markets are dreaming of a ‘soft landing’, but Jim thinks it’s going to be more like a plane crash.

The rate of change of the Fed Funds Rate is staggering. Never has it risen by such a big % this fast. This WILL shock the system. For example, bonds & housing are going to get clobbered. The damage these fast-rising rates are going to cause is going to be severe.

Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards & Other Top Money Experts Offer Warnings & Advice For 2022


What do top Money & Markets experts like Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, John Hussman, Grant Williams, Michael Pento, George Gammon, Wolf Richter & Steen Jakobsen think about the state of the financial markets as we enter 2022? How worried are they about inflation, record high prices for stocks & real estate, Federal Reserve tapering &. interest rate hikes, or a market crash? What steps do they recommend today’s investors consider taking now?

Since our YouTube channel

launched in April, I’ve recorded over 100 videos with the top experts in economics, investing & personal finance.

I have had an absolute blast AND learned a tremendous amount. As I hope you have, too, if you’ve been a regular watcher of this channel.

Each of one these interviews has provided a valuable piece to the larger puzzle that, when assembled, provides us with a clearer and more holistic picture of the investment landscape we’re dealing with today.

This is of course is the core reason why we created Wealthion: to tap into the brain trust of the world’s top experts on Money & the Markets, and use their wisdom to help us be better wealth builders.

OK, so here at the end of 2021, what are the top learnings from this year’s interviews that will most serve regular investors like you as we enter 2022?

I’ve compiled a series of short clips here that are my top takeaways from the over 100 videos released on this channel this year. Enjoy!