Jim Bianco: Best Investments For Surviving Inflation

Yesterday, we shared with you Part 1 of our interview with macro researcher Jim Bianco.

In it, Jim emphasized how today’s hot and persisting inflation is a true game-changer.

And due to that, he believes the Federal Reserve is more committed to hiking interest rates than the market is currently pricing in.

If that indeed proves true, a further market correction and quite possibly recession should result.

So where does he advise investors place their capital in such an environment?

To find out, watch Part 2 of our interview with the always on-point Jim Bianco.

Jim Bianco: Recession Or Inflation – Which Will the Fed Choose?

These days, the Federal Reserve is walking a knife’s edge.

High inflation is forcing its hand, and to tame it, the Fed has returned to Quantitative Tightening, hiking rates by 0.25% and promising 6-7 more hikes within this year.

But if the Fed hikes too much too fast, it risks driving the economy — which has been slowing dramatically recently — into recession.

A painful recession or persisting inflation

. The Fed may very likely be forced to permit one in order to contain the other.

If indeed faced with that choice, which one will Fed Chair Jerome Powell pick?

For an answer to this vital yet very tricky question, we were very lucky to get the chance to sit down with macro researcher Jim Bianco.

He has a very strong informed position on this. To hear it, watch today’s interview with Jim.