Market To Hit New Lows In 2023 As Interest Rates & Inflation Go ‘Higher For Longer’ | Peter Boockvar


As investors enter 2023, all eyes remain on the Fed and how committed it will remain to its hawkish course of hiking rates & tightening its balance sheet.

The latest data shows that the markets doubt the Fed will fulfill its plan to hike the Fed Funds rate to 5%, or higher, and then hold it there for a meaningful number of months.

In short, they expect the Fed to pivot soon.

But today’s guest warns not to underestimate the Fed’s resolve. Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group & Editor of The Boock Report sees rates as

going “higher for longer” than the market is pricing in.

The Fed Is Causing A Deep Recession | Axel Merk


Prepare for things to get worse from here.

That’s the simple yet direct message from Federal Reserve-watcher Axel Merk.

Axel travels in the same circles as past & current Fed leaders. And he’s quite concerned about the aggressive pace of the central bank’s interest rate hikes.

Combined now with Quantitative Tightening, Axel fears they are slowing the economy far more than needed, which will result in an unnecessarily deep & grinding recession in 2023.

Similarly, he sees a new bottom for the markets ahead in the new year, too.

So don’t get too comfortable here at year-end thinking the worst

is now behind us.

It doesn’t seem so.

Rising Interest Rates To “Break Something”, But Also To Result In Good Values | Dylan Grice


2022 has been one of the worst-years ever so far for stocks and bonds, and the outlook for both continues to look challenged.

To find out how investors can navigate their capital to safety in such an uncertain environment, we welcome back Dylan Grice to the program.

Dylan is co-Founder of Calderwood Capital and author of the highly-respected macro research publication Popular Delusions.