Housing Bubble Warning From Federal Reserve Of Dallas

Interest in where the housing market is headed remains red-hot. Our video a few days ago with housing analyst Nicholas Gerli has been one of our most-watched of the year so far.

Even the Federal Reserve itself is weighing in. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas recently released a report titled: “Real-Time Market Monitoring Finds Signs of Brewing U.S. Housing Bubble

Yes, you heard that correctly. The Fed apparently sees a housing bubble.

And to learn why, we’re very fortunate to be speaking

today with one of the authors of that report. Enrique Martinez-Garcia is a senior research economist and advisor in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

READ the Dallas Fed’s housing bubble report here: https://wealthion.com/fedhousingreport

Dallas Fed Article: Real-Time Market Monitoring Finds Signs of Brewing U.S. Housing Bubble

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Home Prices To Drop 10-30% Later This Year?

With home prices at all-time highs, many (including the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas!) are warning the US is back in a housing bubble.

One that is suddenly facing a lot of potential pins that threaten to burst it.

Fast rising mortgage rates, record unaffordability, a weakening consumer, a slowing economy, new inventory coming online — the list is long and growing fast.

How likely is a coming correction for the housing market?

If one occurs, how bad could it be?

Which markets are most vulnerable? And which look best positioned?

For answers to these important questions, I sit down with real estate analyst Nicholas Gerli.

The punchline? Nick expects the US housing market to drop by 10-30% this year.

Whether you’re a home owner, a renter, a potential home seller or buyer, you’ll want to watch this brand-new interview with Nicholas Gerli.